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If you qualify, filing for bankruptcy in Washington State can help you wipe you and your family's financial slate clean.  Many of our Olympia bankruptcy clients are able to wipe out 100% of their debts while keeping all of their property, including their retirement.  Wipe out your debts.  Keep your property.  Call now to see if you qualify!

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Our Olympia, WA debt relief lawyers proudly serve clients throughout Thurston County, WA, including the cities of Olympia, Lacey, Tumwater, Yelm, and Shelton.

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Filing for Bankruptcy in Washington State can be extremely complicated.

Our job is to simply the process.

Who qualifies?

Bankruptcy law is federal law, and is basically the same in every state. Anyone who has not filed a bankruptcy recently may qualify for a bankruptcy discharge if they meet certain financial guidelines . A “discharge”- where the Court orders that most collectors cannot collect debts against you anymore - is available to the honest debtor, who meets all of his or her obligations under the law, and who can show they cannot afford to pay back their debts.

If someone has filed a bankruptcy case fraudulently, who lies on their paperwork, or tries to hide assets or other information, may lose their right to a discharge. There may be criminal charges as well. This is why it is very important to talk to one of our experienced attorneys, and disclose all information requested.

Financial guidelines

If you do not have enough income to pay back your creditors, you probably meet the financial guidelines to successfully file a bankruptcy. You may have enough income or assets to pay back at least some money to your creditors, and in this situation you may qualify for a Chapter 13 case, where you are protected by the Court while you pay some of the debt back.